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06 February 2020Mars and the Muses: The Renaissance of Armour
05 December 2019The Art of Christmas
07 November 2019Caravaggio: A Rebel on the Run
03 October 2019Inspired by Stonehenge
02 October 20191000 years of English Coronations
04 July 2019Life and Times of Johann Sebastian Bach
06 June 2019Lawrence of Arabia
02 May 2019Laos: A Little Paradise
04 April 2019Giotto: Founder of Modern Art
07 March 2019Temples Tombs and Treasures: In Search of the Queen of Sheba
07 February 2019Edward Seago; Landscape Perfectionist and Royal Favourite
06 December 2018Christmas at Covent Garden
01 November 2018History of the Harp
04 October 2018Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea in the Company of Artists (please note change from programme)
03 October 2018Men Behaving Badly - Rakes and Rogues
05 July 2018Drama Behind the Taj Mahal
07 June 2018Bhutan - Kingdom of the Thunder Dragons
03 May 2018The Golden Age of Venetian Glass
05 April 2018Woven Art & Symbolism of Nomadic Tribes of Iran/Afghanistan
27 March 2018Michelangelo: Paper, Stone and Flesh (Hosted by TAS Chiltern Hills Area)
01 March 2018Masters of the Renaissance Leonardo and Michelangelo
01 February 2018Trials and Tribulations of Van Gogh
07 December 2017Three Wise Men, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
02 November 2017Art Inspired By Wine
05 October 2017Life and Times of Charles Dickens
04 October 2017Art & The Russian Revolution
06 July 2017To the Far Side of the World: Captain James Cook
01 June 2017Inspiration: Artists and their Muses
04 May 2017Krakow: City of the Dragon
06 April 2017August Rodin - The Soul in Flight
02 March 2017The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Faberge before the Russian Revolution
02 February 2017The Mystery of Holbein’s “Ambassadors”
01 December 2016The Landscapes of Paul Nash
03 November 2016Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard
06 October 2016Art at the Landsdowne Club
05 October 2016400 Years of Food as ephemeral Art
07 July 2016The Norman Conquest & Legacy
02 June 2016A History of England's Architecture in Ten Great Buildings
05 May 2016Paintbrushes at Dawn: The Great Artistic Feuds
07 April 2016Searching for Shakespeare
03 March 2016Boris Godunov
04 February 2016The Elgin Marbles
03 December 2015Magnificent Mosaics: Windows in the colourful Roman World
05 November 2015From Chintz to Classicism
01 October 2015Facing up to Goya
30 September 2015The Secret Art of the Passport
02 July 2015Helms, Hatchments and Hedgehogs - Heraldry, it's all around us
04 June 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars
07 May 2015Art in the Garden Setting and Symbolism
02 April 2015Dumfries House - Saved and Revealed
05 March 2015Paradise Lost and Regained - European Landscape Painting
05 February 2015Titan to Van Dyck - The Art of Portraiture
04 December 2014The Story of Christmas in Medieval Art
06 November 2014Who Says? Can we trust the experts on Good and Bad in Art?
02 October 2014Lost on the Titanic - Story of the Great Omar Binding
01 October 2014Gilt and Gorgeousness
03 July 2014Encounters with Chopin and Parisian artists’ life 1847-8
05 June 2014Walter Sickert and the Camden Town Group
01 May 2014London's changing skyline - past, present, future
03 April 2014The Great Twelve
06 March 2014The Queenes Pickture - portraits of Elizabeth I
06 February 2014Silver in the Ashmolean Museum
05 December 2013In the bleak midwinter – artists’ responses to snow
07 November 2013Books of Hours
03 October 2013Beau Brummel
02 October 2013Queen Mary's Dolls House
04 July 2013 In search of sacred feminine-lady chapels
06 June 2013British Neo Romantics
02 May 2013Art and the English bible
07 March 2013The art of imperial Rome
07 February 2013Habitat catalogued
06 December 2012Is Christmas in good taste?
04 October 2012The social history of opera
03 October 2012Wallis Simpson

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Mars and the Muses: The Renaissance of Armour Tobias Capwell Thursday 06 February 2020

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Renaissance
metalworkers crafting armour for wealthy noblemen, created an
intensely personal art form, which embodied messages about
status, the social order and divine power.
Thursday 6th February Tobias