Heritage Volunteering

From the conservation of books to projects in historic parks and gardens, Heritage Volunteers are busy helping to conserve and protect the nation’s heritage. They work in many different roles including book conservators, stewards and archivists in heritage sites.

2019 was the first full year that the Beaconsfield Arts Society has been involved in local heritage activities.

Three hundred pounds was donated to the Bekonscot Model Village our most local of Heritage sites. It was their 90th Anniversary on 3rd August. This money was to sponsor two re enactors who showed the public how people looked and how they lived their lives all those years ago.

We also had a stand there to promote our society.

If any member knows of a heritage site in our area that needs help either with funding or volunteers please contact us through the web site. Also if any member would like to be involved with Heritage projects please let us know. All messages will be sent on to the local Heritage representative and will be answered.