The Arts Society (TAS) launched Young Arts in 1973 specifically to provide exciting opportunities for young people, to foster a lasting love of the arts in young people and to encourage their involvement in creative activities. Along with many other societies, The Arts Society Beaconsfield provides Young Arts opportunities for young people in our area. Each project is an arts related activity for an individual or group, framed by local needs, resources, facilities and funds.  More information about Young Arts can be found by viewing the TAS Young Arts Podcast.

Message from Sue Davies, our Young Arts representative:  "It is my pleasure to be able to give children these new experiences".

In 2017/2018, the society is donating £1000 to Young Arts which has been given to two schools.

  • Butler's Court who have chosen to spend their share on a Year 6 project which is animals and birds in the Amazon rainforest. Year 6 will be painting with acrylics onto canvas.They will create something special to take home in their final year at this school.
  • Alfiston School. The money will provide an opportunity for all K.S. year 3 pupils to experience the joys of silk painting.They have not been able to do this previously because of financial restraints.

In 2016/2017, The Arts Society Beaconsfield donated £450 to The Holtspur School. The Art coordinator has identified two areas where she would like to spend this donation.

  • Purchase a large perpex outdoor whiteboard that will enable children to draw on during playtime.
  • Fund a Year 4 project on mosaic tiles.

In 2015/2016, our donation was used by The Holtspur School children to participate in:

  • Screen printing
  • Calligraphy 
  • An Arts Award

Twice during the year, three Year 5 children gave a short presentation before the afternoon lecture to inform members what had been achieved with the funds.

In 2015, funds were used for projects at The Beaconsfield School, a specialist Arts College for secondary students. 

  • A printing workshop with a professional printmaker, Adrian Higgins.  Adrian specialises in etching, lino cuts and collograph, a form of mono printing with overlaying textures.
  • The Beaconsfield Project. In 2014 students started by creating photographic records of their chosen area of study. This year they selected specific photographs and embellish them.
  • To work with a group of gifted and talented across all age ranges.
  • To engage the services of Mr. Paul Bell, winner of the BBC show The Big Painting Challenge 2015, for a workshop with Key Stage 4 students focussing on  developing their painting skills. A further workshop will be organised for Key Stage 3 students, with a focus on upcycling familiar objects.

Some of the work done was shown in an exhibition in July 2015 which was attended by Brian Letchford and Sue Davies, and images were displayed at our July 2015 lecture.

In 2014, funds were used to give a small group of talented senior students from two year bands an opportunity to develop 2 and 3 D artwork.