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21 November 2019The Man with the Pitchfork
21 March 2019The Roman Empire
15 November 2018Picasso and Matisse - Best of friendly rivals and their impact on conceptual art.
15 March 2018Mexican Art - Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego Rivera (1886-1957)
16 November 2017Pre-Raphaelites to the Turner Prize: A Brief History of British Art from 1850 to Now
16 March 2017Scandinavian Art
17 November 2016Iran: Land of Great Kings, Shahs and Ayatollahs
17 March 2016Music Inspired by Paintings & Paintings Inspired by Music
19 November 2015The Arts of Japan and Europe
19 March 2015Art and Scandalous Lives of the Bloomsbury Group
23 October 2014Russian and Soviet Art: From Icons to Socialist Realism
20 March 2014Palmyra, Sicily, and Roman Art of Eating and Drinking
21 November 2013Treasures from The Royal Collection
08 November 2012Cambodia and Vietnam
21 March 2012Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden

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The Man with the Pitchfork Stella Lyons Thursday 21 November 2019

The Man with the Pitchfork: Paintings from 20th Century America

        10.00am prompt - 3.00pm

 The people, the landscape and the culture of America as seen through the eyes of 20th century artists. We will explore works by Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell as well as lesser known artists belonging to the Ashcan School and Regionalism.

This study day will explore the most iconic images to come out of America, all of which are firmly etched in the public consciousness.



COST :     £35 including 2 course lunch with wine.


Organiser Judy Halls

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